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Club Zebra is a monthly membership. Try it out for a month at just $9.95 and receive weekly live real estate coaching webinars, ready-to-go content to send to your clients, templates, training videos and other valuable real estate resources.

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First introductory month is $9.95, renews at regular price of $149.95/month

"I love the mailer content! I like that they are not all time-specific, so I can bank them to use anytime."
Stacey Koutlas
"You are amazing! Thank you and the whole team!! :)"
Jennifer Suemnicht
"I so appreciated the pivot Lones Group did at the onset of Covid. Many of us had our offices closed, leaving us feeling like we were on our own. Lones Group became the lifeline during those early days of uncertainty."
Marie Strong
"I really appreciate how much you all have offered through COVID. I really don't know how I would have survived in this business without it."
Kristin Niebergall
"Denise's countless hours to monitor the countless issues that impact real estate so very appreciated by me, there's never a conversation where I don't garner tremendous information that is right-now and immediately useable. My sincere thanks to her entire team."
Janet Lewis
"Denise's insights are amazing. Being new to the industry, I think that just hearing her talk about industry trends and news has helped my acumen a given me more confidence when talking to clients."
Hans Hagmeier
"I love the meetings because it gives me more "ammo" when I'm out there with clients."
Lin Shih
"I love the Market Survival Guide and it has been very beneficial, especially this past year and in the current crazy market. I recommend Denise & Club Zebra to every agent I come across - it is the very best investment in real estate that I know of"
Mary Lee
"The weekly marketing updates have been a LIFESAVER for me!! Every week I am able to communicate things I learn in those calls to my sphere and clients. I really enjoy that Denise is so candid and so factual about everything."
Kari Zimmerman
"The Lones Group has made me a better Realtor. I feel more confident and being around fellow professionals who want to be the best they can be is priceless."
Lynn MacGougan
"You all are the best! Thank you for all you do!"
Laurie Way
"I've loved all the stuff this year. I really enjoyed the series, several weeks covering a big subject: How market to each personality type, Sellers in a hot market, How to find listings, etc."
Gretchen Schmidt
"Love my Tuesday mornings and Friday afternoons! Appreciate all that you all do to bring valuable info to us. I feel connected with the most update info and other agents!"
Teresa Simanton
"Thanks for the Tuesday and Friday Zooms. It's felt like a great way to connect for the past year."
Sinead Keogh
"As I've mentioned before, I don't ever want to be without The Lones Group in my business!"
Neressa Carr
"I really enjoy both the Tuesday and Friday content and have found it very helpful in my business. You guys and gals ROCK!"
Karen Williams
"Lots of love for all of you in the office that help the Zebras to keep galloping along!!"
Sarah Reed
"You offer strong inciteful commentary and advice. I rely on this and often relay what you say to my clients. Thanks!"
Sherry Sahlstrom
"I love, love the Lones's Group. You have helped me to stay on point with my clients and keep me at the forefront of the latest information and this keeps me a step ahead of most agents in the field! The team at the Lone's group is super amazing!"
Tara Silicio
"Content I learn each week, I work into my conversations with clients, friends, and professionals."
Janet Lewis
"Denise & Shauna and Randy + the entire Lones Group is amazing!"
Kevin Bohnert
"Thank you for keeping us sane during this past year. We appreciate all of you!"
Shawna Brenneke
"I like the regular Tues and Friday meetings to keep me on target and get me excited to try new things and connect with others."
Gretchen Schmidt
"You are great guys! Thank you. Thank you so much."
Maura Larson
"I enjoy the weekly updates - part of my business development!"
Marianne Leth

Your Membership Includes

Weekly Real Estate Coaching Webinars

Join us Tuesdays for Denise Live! as coach Denise Lones teaches real estate skills and strategies. In addition, come to our monthly Market Survival Guide meeting where Denise breaks down the market stats, news, and how to navigate it successfully.

Mailer Content for Prospecting

Professionally written, industry informed, ready-to-go content that you can send to your real estate clients completely attribution free! New articles monthly and an enormous library of previous content.

A Vast Library of Real Estate Resources

Discover thousands of resources for improving your skills. Lead generation strategies, audio training on a wide range of subjects, video presentations, checklists, example letters, templates, and more awaits you.

Online Business Discovery Tools

A suite of business discovery tools built to reveal the potential income value of your client database, determine just how big your marketing effort needs to be to reach your income goals, and to help you create a marketing plan to get there.

Join Today for $9.95!

First introductory month is $9.95, renews at regular price of $149.95/month