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Denise Live! Conversions, Getting Buyers into a Position to Actually Buy

Strategies to help you convert buyers into a position where they can actually win their next offer.

Denise Live: Market Survival Guide Ep45

Inventory, market updates, stimulus updates, condo markets, Zillow acquisitions and more!

Denise Live! Buyer Horror Stories

Identifying bad buyer situations before you become part of the problem.

Why the Pandemic Hasn’t Decelerated the Housing Market

How can the housing market still be thriving despite a worldwide pandemic?

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March Workshop: Search For Sellers and Find Success!

March Workshop: Search For Sellers and Find Success!

Feb 11, 2021

March 11 online workshop. Agents with listings already have a time advantage in a regular market; after all, a typical listing takes less than half the time of a buyer transaction. Now factor one of the most extreme inventory-short markets we have ever seen and all that goes along with it - multiple offers, discouraged buyers, writing offers that don't get chosen, and those hours working with buyers keep ticking up, up, up draining your time and energy. Therefore, he or she who has the listings will have an advantage in 2021. But what if you aren't sure where your sellers will come from? Savvy agents are developing strategies for capitalizing on this market opportunity. Are you ready? Only $39 for Club Zebra members!

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December Mailer Content has Arrived

December Mailer Content has Arrived

Dec 16, 2020

December content is here with three great new articles, ready-to-mail, for your prospects’ inboxes and mailboxes this month. The weather outside may be frightful, but our December content will surely be delightful to your past clients and prospects. Don’t miss out on our carefully researched predictions for 2021, this is very popular content with your audience! You'll also find great articles on how home ownership can be a part of retirement planning and for your buyers, check out our article on whether or not to buy in a home owners' association.

2021 Real Estate Success Summit

2021 Real Estate Success Summit

Nov 3, 2020

Our 2021 Summit is going virtual! Although we can't be in the same room, we have packed 2021's Real Estate Success Summit with even more than we could offer in a live setting!

Begin your day with State of the Market! Denise Lones uses national, regional, and local data to show how the market got to where it is today, and where it is headed in the coming year. Year after year Denise has demonstrated uncanny accuracy with her real estate predictions. Put the real estate market into perspective with great talking points to help your clients!

Continue into an incredible afternoon and choose from one of three event tracks - inspiration and insight from trend-setting agents nationwide, developing business savvy and new methods for today's market, or building new business generating systems into your business. And you won't miss out by choosing one over another - recordings of all three are included with your registration!

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