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Denise Live! Pricing in an Emotional Market

Helping sellers achieve a competitive, realistic price in an aggressive sellers market.

Denise Live: Market Survival Guide Ep69

SFR zoning, reading market momentum, mask mandates and more!

Paying Off a Mortgage Early

Should your clients pay off their mortgages early?

My Home Failed the Inspection - Now What?

Both buyers and sellers dread the inspection. What happens when it is bad news?

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Stop Losing Listings You Should Have Won

Stop Losing Listings You Should Have Won

Sep 20, 2021

LYNNWOOD, OCT 6-7, 2020 - Have you lost a listing because the seller didn’t like the way you priced their house? Have you lost a listing because someone else had a snazzier presentation and more technology-based graphics? Have you lost a listing due to the seller wanting to pay less in commission? Have you lost a listing because a seller overpowered your dialog? Stop losing listings you should have won! Learn how to wow every seller with bullet-proof tools and easy-to-follow systems that will propel you to Listing Expert status!

Two-day listing presentation workshop with Denise Lones. Your $495 tuition includes catered lunch and beverage both days, 15 State of Washington continuing education credits, and our Listing Presentation guidebook which includes our objection-handling formula and conflict resolution system. Class limited to first 40 registrations and less than 10 spots remain.


Live Episodes of Market Survival Guide Moving to Tuesday at Noon

Live Episodes of Market Survival Guide Moving to Tuesday at Noon

Sep 17, 2021

Beginning October 5th, live episodes of Market Survival Guide are moving to a new time spot - Tuesday's at noon Pacific. Market Survival Guide originally started as a way for us to step-up and support real estate agents in an industry that suddenly found itself in the midst of a pandemic. How would we as agents and brokers transform our face-to-face services in a world were meeting people in person was no longer an option? There were so many new tools and skills to learn - many of us are still learning - and a lack of reliable information to help agents adapt and move forward. Market Survival Guide was our contribution to this profession we love and over the last 70 episodes it has evolved, just like our industry. Our clients face a "fourth wave" of Covid-19 this 2021 winter, but you are so much better prepared than a year ago and I hope we have been a part of how you evolved.

Market Survival Guide is also evolving. Beginning in first week of October, with episode 71, live recordings of Market Survival Guide are moving from Fridays to Tuesdays at noon Pacific. Shows will be posted to Club Zebra the following day, so you can still enjoy recordings on Friday if you like. We are also changing our rhythm to a semi-weekly show schedule with episodes on the first and third Tuesday of each month. This will allow us to put more time into developing the advice and analysis that supports you through Covid, economic change, or whatever lies ahead.

September Client Mailer Content has Arrived

September Client Mailer Content has Arrived

Sep 15, 2021

Club Zebra members - Looking for new content you can send to your clients this month? Articles for September were just posted and we have some great, fresh content for you. First up, Paying Off a Mortgage Early - with examples, this article answers this time-popular question for your clients. Next up, what should your clients do when a home fails inspection? This article outlines options for both buyers and sellers when inspections bring bad news. Lastly, we have a great article on flooring options, their pros-and-cons, and when is it time to think of the next flooring choice. As always, this month's articles and many more are available, attribution free, for your mailing lists at the Club Zebra website. Get your August client content here.

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