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Denise Live! Get Rich With Your Real Estate Niche

How to identify, claim, and successfully get started with a real estate niche.

Denise Live: Market Survival Guide Ep64

Foreclosures, mortgages, housing market predictions, news and analysis.

Real Estate Contingencies - What To Consider

Several contingencies are evaluated and determine what they may mean on a contract

How Much Are You Saving with Low Interest Rates?

Interest rates have taken a wild ride over the last five decades. Just how much are buyers saving?

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Speak-Up and Make More Money - Sep 22-23

Speak-Up and Make More Money - Sep 22-23

Jul 27, 2021

Join us for our two-day conflict and negotiation workshop, live at the Lynnwood Convention Center! Do you hold back from telling clients what is in their best interest because you don't want to upset them? Have you not been upfront with a colleague or managing broker about how a situation has upset you? Real estate is a tough-enough business. You will never reach top-producer status without learning how to have difficult, but necessary, conversations. There is a formula that is easy to master, providing you the framework for saving yourself valuable time and headaches that come from not speaking your truth. This hands-on workshop will include examples and role-playing, allowing you to put your tools into action right away with confidence.

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July Client Mailer Content Now Available

July Client Mailer Content Now Available

Jul 15, 2021

July mailer content is now available for Club Zebra Pro members to send to their clients. As always, no attribution to The Lones Group is needed. This month we have a an article about buyer contingencies and considerations for today's market, a second article on the impact of today's record low interest rates and what that looks like compared to previous decades, and a great article about renovating historic homes and what to consider before buying one. Your prospects want to hear from you, don't disappoint them - get your new content right here!

Denise Live July Webinar Registration Now Available

Denise Live July Webinar Registration Now Available

Jul 1, 2021

Registration is now available for all of our July episodes of Denise Live, both Tuesday-at-9AM episodes and Friday-at-Noon Market Survival Guide episodes. Don't miss out being a part of our live audience and your chance to participate with your questions and comments! Here's what we have planned for our Tuesday topics this July: July 6 - Attracting Sellers to Your Open House, July 13 - Make a Winning Impression with the Experience Book, July 20 - Getting Rich With Your Niche, and July 27 - Showcasing Your Track Record of Success.

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