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Denise Live! Professional Printing, Your Questions Answered

Printing expert Shauna Naf takes you through all your printing needs.

Denise Live! Improve Your Communication with Every Generation

Tips for forming more productive relationships and understanding generational expectations.

Denise Live! The Top 7 Real Estate Client Gifts

How will you honor your clients this year? Perfect gifts that everyone will enjoy.

Denise Live: Market Survival Guide Ep74

Canadian border open flop, Zillow exits iBuyer market, wetlands permits, and the 1031 exchange.

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2022 Real Estate Success Summit - January 26

2022 Real Estate Success Summit - January 26

Nov 5, 2021

Registration for the 2022 Real Estate Success Summit is now open! Start your day with our annual State of the Market. Many agents are unsure about today's real estate market. They struggle to answer questions from past, present, and potential clients about the future of real estate. Well, it's time to hear a fact-grounded point of view! Denise Lones uses national, regional, and local data to show how the market got to where it is today, and where it is headed in the coming year. Year after year Denise has demonstrated uncanny accuracy with her real estate predictions. Put the real estate market into perspective with great talking points to help your clients!

Return from lunch to be surrounded by an afternoon of three special events to power your business this coming 2022. Learn how agents have successfully leveraged a niche marketing strategy to expand their income, strategies for knock-out listing presentations, and key insights from Denise Lones on 2022 business opportunities.

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Denise Live November Webinar Registration Now Available

Denise Live November Webinar Registration Now Available

Nov 1, 2021

Registration is now available for all upcoming November episodes of Denise Live and Market Survival Guide episodes. Don't miss out being a part of our live audience and your chance to participate with your questions and comments! Here's what we have planned for our Tuesday topics this November: November 2 - Adjusting Your Business to be More Seller-centric, November 9 - The Moment of the Market, Identifying Buyer Opportunities, November 16 - Top 7 Real Estate Client Gift Ideas,  November 23 - 3 Ways to Improve Your Communication, and November 30 - Professional Printing, Your Questions Answered with guest Shauna Naf.

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November 10: Search For Sellers and Find Success!

November 10: Search For Sellers and Find Success!

Oct 21, 2021

LYNNWOOD, November 10. Agents with listings already have a time advantage in a regular market; after all, a typical listing takes less than half the time of a buyer transaction. Now factor one of the most extreme inventory-short markets we have ever seen and all that goes along with it - multiple offers, discouraged buyers, writing offers that don't get chosen, and those hours working with buyers keep ticking up, up, up draining your time and energy. Therefore, he or she who has the listings has the advantage! Do you know where your next listing will come from? Savvy agents are developing strategies for capitalizing on this market opportunity. Are you ready?


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