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Tips for making an action plan to achieve your goals

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A rack card or brochure can deliver lots of information about events, listings, and services.

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How to measure your client database ROI and income power.

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2023 Real Estate Success Summit - January 24

2023 Real Estate Success Summit - January 24

Nov 16, 2022

Registration for the 2023 Real Estate Success Summit is now open! Start your day with our annual State of the Market. Many agents are unsure about today's real estate market. They struggle to answer questions from past, present, and potential clients about the future of real estate. It is time to hear a fact-grounded point of view! Denise Lones uses national, regional, and local data to show how the market got to where it is today, and where it is headed in the coming year. Year after year Denise has demonstrated uncanny accuracy with her real estate predictions. Put the real estate market into perspective with great talking points to help your clients!

Return from lunch to be surrounded by an afternoon of special events and industry speakers to power your business this coming 2023 and open new doors of opportunity for growth!

Tickets sell out every year, so don't wait!

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November Mailer Content has Arrived!

November Mailer Content has Arrived!

Nov 15, 2022

Our November issue of articles that you can use attribution-free in your client mailers is here. Buyers and sellers are paying attention to the market this season, so don't overlook the value of impressing them with great content. Starting with sellers - we have a great article for the many sellers out there who are unaware of how valuable off-street parking has become in their area. Buyers are asking if it's better to wait or buy now and we have the strategy to show them the way in our "Let's Do the Math" article. Finally, both your buyer and seller prospects will appreciate your insights when you send them, "What to Expect in This Market," which charts a course based on historical perspective. Of course, we also have a new infographic on mortgage payments, which you can use anywhere. Members, get all your new content right here!

If you aren't a member yet, you are missing out! Why not try a month and join today?

Lynnwood, Dec 5-6: Stop Making Excuses, Start Making More Money!

Lynnwood, Dec 5-6: Stop Making Excuses, Start Making More Money!

Nov 2, 2022

Winds are changing in today's housing market. How will your business adapt with the market while new business models, companies, and technologies vie for your commission? Can you articulate your value over the competition? Are you ready with the right mindset or is burn-out just around the corner?

Join us for a two-day, intimate, workshop-format class that will refocus your energy on activities that have the biggest impact on your bottom line. This class is designed with content and materials to help you initiate real change. Nationally recognized real estate coach Denise Lones is here to help you stop spinning your wheels and take a fresh step to a renewed business!

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