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Denise Live: Referring Clients to Areas You Don't Work In

When to refer, finding an agent, and protecting your time.

Denise Live: Market Survival Guide Ep72

Border openings, Zillow, custom homes, and the boomerang generation.

Pay Off the Mortgage or Re-Invest?

The $100,000 question - pay off the mortgage or re-invest?

Sellers - Should You Get a Pre-Inspection?

There are pros and cons for getting a pre-inspection. This article outlines some

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November 10: Search For Sellers and Find Success!

November 10: Search For Sellers and Find Success!

Oct 21, 2021

LYNNWOOD, November 10. Agents with listings already have a time advantage in a regular market; after all, a typical listing takes less than half the time of a buyer transaction. Now factor one of the most extreme inventory-short markets we have ever seen and all that goes along with it - multiple offers, discouraged buyers, writing offers that don't get chosen, and those hours working with buyers keep ticking up, up, up draining your time and energy. Therefore, he or she who has the listings has the advantage! Do you know where your next listing will come from? Savvy agents are developing strategies for capitalizing on this market opportunity. Are you ready?


New Club Zebra Feature: Infographics!

Oct 14, 2021

Coming to Club Zebra subscribers this October: monthly infographics that you can use to impress your prospects and audience. Share in your mailers, on social media, and more. A variety of available formats included, including for Instagram and Facebook! No creativity required - we even include text you can use to quickly post and share! First infographic becomes available this October 15th.

Amplify: Grow your Business for Today's Market

Amplify: Grow your Business for Today's Market

Sep 21, 2021

LYNNWOOD, OCTOBER 25-26 Are you ready to take your business to the next level, but barely have time to do what you need to do now? In our unique Amplify Live! workshop, we will be working with you to edit out what is not working in your business, create a vision for your business that you can stick to, show you how to develop a brand that tells your unique story, take a look at how processes can simplify your business while having a greater impact, and develop campaigns for your various buckets of business that educate and allow you to connect.

With Amplify, you will walk away from a class with an actual action plan. If you desperately need a simple plan to follow, systems that will give you an edge, and a strategy to break through the financial ceiling, Amplify is the workshop you need.

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