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Tips for Buying a New Home

Buying a new home can solve a lot of problems - from energy efficiency to the selling timeline

Owner (Seller) Financing

In the era of higher interest rates, owner (seller) financing is having a moment

Down Payment Resources for Investment Properties

Buying an investment property usually requires a heftier initial investment. Where to get the funds?

New Opportunities to Expand Your Expertise

How can we top the training from first half of 2024?

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New May Mailer Content has Arrived!

New May Mailer Content has Arrived!

May 15, 2024

New prospecting content for the month of May is now available for Club Zebra Pro members to send to potential buyers, sellers and past clients. No need to credit The Lones Group, you can say you did the hard work and send these to your clients as though you wrote them! This May we are covering types of inspections - most buyers don't realize there is more than one kind of inspection. Next up, Trees and Property! Tree questions are plentiful and you will be the one with the answers. Finally, an important update about how homeowner insurance rates are changing and how some owners are being affected. Get your fresh May mailer content right here!

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April Mailer Content Now Available

April Mailer Content Now Available

Apr 15, 2024

A lot of attention is on the real estate market these days and being the trusted industry source and local market expert is more important than ever. Elevate your business in the eyes of potential clients with this month's mailer content.

As with every month, Club Zebra members have access this April to three new articles their prospective clients can enjoy, starting with 5 Collaborative Ways to Build Home Value which details how neighborhoods can come together as a community to build big value. Next up, Thinking About Cash-Flow covers questions that potential and budding investor-buyers have about how investor-property money goes to work. Lastly, Cream Puff Principle is a longer article than usual, highlighting what can happen in a multiple-offer market and how sellers can achieve multiple-offer status.

All three are ready-to-send or tweak and require no attribution from The Lones Group - so that the focus remains on your own expertise. Get your April mailer content right here!

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April Topics for Denise Live!

April Topics for Denise Live!

Apr 1, 2024

New episodes of Denise Live! are available on your calendar and our themes this month are led by important changes in our industry and inspired by the burst of a new spring.

April begins with one of our top conversation topics facing agents nationwide - buyer brokerage compensation, beginning April 2nd and continuing this important conversation on April 23rd. In between, we will be taking a look at emerging home trends that real estate agents should be aware of: home features and home colors. Attend an episode of Denise Live! - live each Tuesday at 9 AM Pacific. We will also host episode 113 of Market Survival Guide on April 16 at 12-Noon Pacific.

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