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Perspective on Today’s Buying Power

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How Selling Over 100 Homes a Year Almost Ruined My Life

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June Client Mailer Content Has Arrived!

June Client Mailer Content Has Arrived!

Jun 17, 2022

Every month we publish several full-length articles that our Club Zebra Pro members can mail to their prospects and clients without attribution to The Lones Group. This June we have a super article for both buyers and sellers on how to deal with the effect of rising interest rates. Next, make a connection with the luxury market with an article that emphasizes the need for a skilled agent - and positions you as that agent! Finally, we have an educational article for attracting potential sellers that highlights your pricing expertise and educates them on different ways  that listing price can be determined. Rounding out our June offerings is our infographic highlighting potential listing dollars in outdoor living spaces; how amenities influence home value and which are resonating most with today's buyers. Members - get your June mailer content right here!

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June Registration for Denise Live is Now Available

June Registration for Denise Live is Now Available

Jun 1, 2022

This June we are diving into the topic of finding balance - in both work and play. For too long agents have been feeling the burn and pressure from a relentlessly fast-paced market - for some of you it has become your "new normal," but that doesn't mean that it is good for you or good for your business either. Be a part of our live audience and have your opportunity to share your comments and questions with Denise.

Here's what we have planned: June 7 Building Balance Into Your Business, June 14 Successfully Vacationing From Your Business, June 21 Interview with Special Guest Jay Agoado, and June 28 Strategies for Avoiding Burnout.

Also, join us this June 21 for our mid-month episode of Market Survival Guide.

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May Mailer Content is Here!

May Mailer Content is Here!

May 16, 2022

We have some great content that Club Zebra Pro members can mail to their potential buyers, sellers and past clients this month. No need to credit The Lones Group, you can say you did the hard work and send these to your clients as though you wrote them! This May, for your buyers, we have a common buyer concern about the "traditional" 20% down payment. Potential sellers will appreciate the expert advice in our Home Buying When You Have to Sell article. If you need something to appeal to anyone then check out our tips for kitchen updates that have big returns on sale. Get your May mailer content right here!

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