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March Episodes of Denise Live!

March Episodes of Denise Live!

Mar 1, 2024

New episodes of Denise Live are now on the calendar and we have some hot topics for a stormy March!

We kick off March with Denise's return from the 2024 International Builder Show in Las Vegas - she will be sharing all the cool new innovations, tech, and more that will be appearing in homes that you need to know. The rest of March we will be theming with important conversations every agent needs to have with today's potential sellers: interest rates, home condition, buyer compensation, and more. Attend an episode of Denise Live! - live each Tuesday at 9 AM Pacific. We will also host episode 112 of Market Survival Guide on March 19 at 12-Noon Pacific.

Members - just a reminder - you are welcome to register in advance, but we will automatically register you the week before each Denise Live! episode (see our announcement here) . Not a member? Try a month of Club Zebra on us, come to a coaching meeting and get access to all Club Zebra has to offer.

Updates to Denise Live! Registration

Updates to Denise Live! Registration

Feb 20, 2024

To make it easier for everyone to attend episodes of Denise Live and Market Survival Guide, we are transitioning to pre-registering members a week before the following episode. We will continue to provide links to these events from the Event Calendar, which appear when you are signed-in, so that you can still get your event information in case you lose your event email or something.

We still highly recommend that you take advantage of the option to add meetings you want to attend to your calendar - links are included in each event email from Zoom for all major email services. This way you never miss a meeting and won't lose your link!

We hope you enjoy the convenience of not having to take the extra step of registering to attend each week and that we will see you at an upcoming episode of Denise Live!

February Marketing Mailers are Here!

February Marketing Mailers are Here!

Feb 16, 2024

If you've been keeping up with our Zebra Report newsletter or tracking trends in your MLS each week, then you've likely noticed that the spring market is already waking-up. Now is a great time to be reaching out to clients about your expertise and letting them know that being early to market as a buyer - or as a seller - has valuable advantages! As always, this month we have three super articles to remind your sphere that you are here to help. Buyers and sellers will both find value in our Timing Your Move article that weighs in on the question of whether it is better to choose the market or choose a strategy in real estate. Why Do Investors Buy Real Estate highlights six big motivations of real estate investors and promotes the value of real estate ownership. Finally, Emergency Preparedness is a value-article that homeowners (and even renters) will hang-on to for its solid disaster-preparation advice.

Members can send these articles to their mailing list, digital or post, without attribution to The Lones Group as if they expertly wrote them themselves. (Psst - need an incredible brand or a campaign expert to help with your marketing?) Keep watch for our February infographic, coming later this month, that you can also use anywhere as your own.

Not a Club Zebra Member yet - why not? This February only, try out Club Zebra for free and get this great content, weekly coaching meetings, and full access to our amazing resource vault! Give Club Zebra a try.

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