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The Top 5 Actions of Super-Productive Agents

Stop reinventing the wheel. Real solutions from Denise Lones for struggling real estate agents.

Median Sales Price v Average Sales Price

Tools for helping you explain sales pricing in your local housing market.

Kick-Start Your Garage Goals

Garage organization tips just in time for summer.

Homeowners Insurance Checkup

Reviewed your policy lately? It’s time for your clients to do a Homeowner Insurance Checkup!

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Free Webinar: The Top 5 Actions of Super-Producing Agents

Free Webinar: The Top 5 Actions of Super-Producing Agents

Jun 6, 2019

Are You Constantly Re-Inventing the Wheel?

Are you working with clients you don't really mesh well with? Are you spending money getting and chasing leads who don't return your calls and emails? Do you agonize over keeping in contact with your past clients and in the end, never send anything? Do you find that every year you are working harder but aren't earning more money?

You are not alone. Our industry is full of great agents who are tired, burned out, and are one bad transaction away from quitting. What if I told you that a better business was just around the corner?

As a top-producing agent and now as a real estate trainer, I get it. I have been in the trenches just like you and I train agents who have been in that same boat. There is hope - I promise!

Stop spinning your wheels. It is time to get real, make a few changes, simplify, and reap the rewards. Join me on June 18th for the Top 5 Actions of Super-Producing Agents at 9am or 12 noon Pacific.

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Club Zebra Pro Coaching Call: May 21

Club Zebra Pro Coaching Call: May 21

Apr 19, 2019

Club Zebra Pro members are invited to our next coaching call this May 21at 9:00 am Pacific. Our topic will be Retiring, Ways to Set Up a Legacy Relationship. Whether you are considering retiring in a few years or have been approached by an agent thinking of retiring, what are the next steps? This is a question that comes up time and time again. Learn how you can set up a relationship that is fair and profitable for both sides. Login and visit the Event Calendar for call-in code details.

April Client Mailer Content is Here!

April Client Mailer Content is Here!

Apr 15, 2019

Every month, Club Zebra Pro subscribers receive ready-to-mail content that they can send, attribution free, to their client database.

This April we have three new articles, each in long form and with shortened versions suitable for a jumbo postcard. First up, a great article for buyers or sellers on how interest rates affect payments. We also have content for sellers that explores the concept of buyer-volume and how that affects listing price. Finally, for your buyers, some guidance on what to look for in their next property - also usable with sellers on your mailing list.

Get your April mailer content right here! Not a subscriber? Become part of the herd!

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