ADUs, Passing Fad or Building Opportunity?
 December 2023 
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ADUs, Passing Fad or Building Opportunity?

Dec 5, 2023

It is getting more and more difficult to find good land to build single family homes. However with the passing of HB1337, we will now have thousands of potential properties available to build on! The catch? They will be smaller homes in backyards and remodeling projects - not the 10+ home developments of yesteryear. Is it worth tapping into this market? We will give you PLENTY to think about as we share more about this budding opportunity! We will:

  • Go over various types of ADUs and DADUs
  • Review the overall parameters of HB1337 as well as where each of our local jurisdictions in Whatcom County currently stand in terms of incorporating the bill structure
  • Touch on the changes we are expecting to see with HB1110 - the middle housing bill, and how those changes may fit in with the ADU bill
  • Review the demographics of those who may live in the ADUs and DADUs so you can build the best product for today‚Äôs client and the future homeowner
  • Look at some compelling numbers that may make building an ADU a no-brainer when it comes to creating additional income for the homeowner

Your former clients may be calling you with questions, so get the answers before they ask at this very informative Lunch and Learn!

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