2023 Builder Trends to Watch - Lunch & Learn hosted by BIAWC
 February 2023 
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2023 Builder Trends to Watch - Lunch & Learn hosted by BIAWC

Feb 22, 2023

Including the #1 upcoming opportunity that builders and developers need to be prepared for!

Despite soaring sales prices on product, the last few years have been tough on builders, developers, and those who make their living in the building industry. Labor shortages, supply chain problems, slowdowns in permitting, and interest rates have led to many sleepless nights, so what could 2023 possibly have in store? Could there conceivably be a light at the end of the tunnel? In a word – YES! Join us for this class that will inspire you to start preparing now for the opportunities that are in the hopper. The next few years are a great time to be in the building industry, despite the challenges you have come through, and this class will lay the groundwork for your next move.

Join us at the Building Industry Association of Whatcom County (BIAWC) located in Bellingham for a lunch & learn afternoon with 30 year veteran real estate estate sales, investment, and new construction expert Denise Lones. Contact BIAWC at info@biawc.com or call 360-671-4247 to register.

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