Online Workshop: Simplify to Multiply, 3.0CE
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Online Workshop: Simplify to Multiply, 3.0CE

May 27, 2020
Real estate is a complex-enough business as it is. But because agents have to wear so many hats, they can tend to take on shortcuts and solutions that can wind up complicating an agent’s business instead of making things easier or more effective. Are you tired of running from client to client to keep transactions together, do you feel like you have a hodge-podge of systems with nothing actually functioning smoothly? Are you losing past clients and referrals because you lack an effective follow-up plan? If it has been awhile since you took an objective look at your whole business, this is the class for you! Take 3 hours, refresh your outlook, and leave with a concrete plan to reclaim and redefine your business.

30$ tuition includes 3.0 Washington State approved continuing education credits. Workshop begins at 9:30am through 12:30pm. Photo ID and video presence required for credit.

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