Speak Up & Make More Money (Lynnwood)
 September 2021 
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Speak Up & Make More Money (Lynnwood)

Sep 22, 2021 to Sep 23, 2021
Do you hold back from telling clients what is in their best interest because you don't want to upset them? Have you not been upfront with a colleague or managing broker about how a situation has upset you? Real estate is a tough-enough business. You will never reach top-producer status without learning how to have difficult, but necessary, conversations. There is a formula that is easy to master, providing you the framework for saving yourself valuable time and headaches that come from not speaking your truth. This hands-on workshop will include examples and role-playing, allowing you to put your tools into action right away with confidence. You will learn:

  • Why our brains trick us into keeping our mouths closed and how to overcome your natural inclinations
  • How your past situations with conflict have shaped how you naturally resolve conflict today and how to adjust for a winning approach
  • How to maneuver any listing or buyer presentation with ease, even through difficult conflict-driven conversation
  • How to use a conflict situation to your benefit rather than allow the other person to control you with it
  • A formula that encourages conversation to resolve issues
  • How to present facts, ask questions, and tell your truth in a calm and non-emotional manner
  • How to choose words and adjust your tone to get closer to resolving conflict rather than further away from it
  • The art of being strong, calm, and firm

Your $495 tuition includes 15 Washington State continuing education credits; lunch, coffee, and refreshments both days; and Denise's workbook with class content.

Class begins at 9am through 4:30pm both days. Lynnwood Convention Center, 3711 196th St SW, Lynnwood, WA 98036.


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