Safari Real Estate Business Workshop, Bothell
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Safari Real Estate Business Workshop, Bothell

Mar 4, 2019 to Mar 5, 2019

Where is your business today? Is it thriving? Or do you know that with just a few adjustments you can have the business you have always wanted?  If your business isn't exactly where you want it to be, join us at our next Safari event! Safari offers an in-depth look at how to build long-term, sustainable success into your business by:

  • Identifying how you are best suited to build your real estate business based on your personality and natural tendencies,
  • Creating a plan for personal self-discipline including how you manage tasks and create rules for how you conduct business,
  • Teaching you how to develop a brand that is completely custom to you, your area, and your clients,
  • Helping you determine systems for connecting with your database, past clients, and potential clients,
  • Finding the perfect lead generation system for you,
  • And defining your signature touches that make your clients' buying or selling experience completely custom to you and uniquely memorable.

Forget about the "one size fits all" plans you've heard about! No more pat formulas and acronyms to remember! We're going to help you lay the foundations for success using the most important building block you have - you!

Join us at the Bothell Hilton Garden Inn, WA. Workshop begins at 9:00am through 4:30pm each day. WiFi, free parking and beverage service included. 15 Washington State continuing education credits available at your option during registration.

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