Turn Memorable Marketing into Your Money Magnet - Seattle, WA
 April 2017 
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Turn Memorable Marketing into Your Money Magnet - Seattle, WA

Apr 11, 2017
The real estate industry has seen its share of boom and bust moments over the years leaving agents tired and frustrated. Agents who employ the Memorable Marketing principles are much less likely to be affected by an ever-changing market. Keep your pipeline brimming and the deals coming by learning how to market yourself and your properties in a way that suits your unique business model! You will:

  • Learn the power of powerful visual marketing - and how to capture a potential clients' attention
  • Learn how to create a powerful visual marketing message that matches your personal style, your client base, and your particular market
  • Learn about the eight basic design styles, how they are used across industries, and how our perception about a product changes with different design styles applied
  • Learn how to keep potential clients' attention through consistency
  • Learn how to solve the common problems that most agents face such as lead generation, client follow-up, technology, and property marketing with a full marketing "toolbox" of systems

Memorable Marketing means money in the bank! If you are ready to learn the marketing principles and have a full toolbox of systems, come join us!

Hosted by The Learning Lab in cooperation with The Lones Group. Class begins at 1:00pm through 4:15pm at Metropolist, 2931 1st Ave S. Suite #1a, Seattle, WA. Includes 3.5 Washington State approved continuing education credits. Seating is limited.

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