Aspire is:

Individualized real estate coaching for those who are open to change and want to take their business to the next level.

Aspire is individualized coaching for real estate agents committed to growing their business both in gross dollars and transactions. This is a semi-monthly coaching program that will require agents to be open to new ideas along with a strong accountability component. Agents will quickly and easily learn what works and does not work when taking their business to the next level. The methods being taught are all proven and never meant to feel like you are recreating-the-wheel.

If you feel like you could reach your potential with a little encouragement, systems, and accountability, Aspire is the program to get you there.

Meet the Coach

Jay Agoado celebrated great success in his real estate career, attributing much of his success to the coaching he received and the systems he implemented. His success allowed him to retire from his real estate business and he is now sharing his secrets with agents who want to elevate their businesses.

Although he had been successfully selling between 15-20 units per year as a solo agent prior to the Great Recession, Jay decided to join a coaching group under the tutelage of Denise Lones of The Lones Group. Coaching allowed Jay to double his transaction count and quadruple his income at a time when other agents were struggling and leaving the business. Jay's ability to adapt and to fully take the advice of his coach along with utilizing systems, processes, and innovative campaigns allowed this incredible growth and transformation to happen.

Jay has now decided to pay it forward and is looking forward to teaching other real estate agents what worked for him so that they too can enjoy success beyond what they feel they are capable of. Since Jay just retired from selling in 2021, you can be assured that you are working with a coach who is still current with what has been taking place in the real estate market versus many coaches who either have zero real estate experience or haven't been an agent in many years.

Aspire Includes

  • Two 45-minute phone or Zoom sessions per Month.
    This is where we cover business planning, accountability based on the your business plan, lead generation to help you grow your business, and role-playing to improve you skills.
  • Written Recap
    Reviews of coaching sessions to keep you on track.
  • Club Zebra Membership
    An online service that provides valuable mailer content, business resources, training materials, market updates, and weekly Denise Live coaching meetings.
  • Review and Evaluation
    Professional feedback and recommendations on the materials you use for every aspect of your business, with additional suggestions and guidance from The Lones Group team.

Aspire Will Help You To

Grow your business but protect your personal time

Explore new ways to leverage your time and talent

Perfect your listing presentation

Automate your lead generation

Get more listings

Utilize social media

Master video marketing

Streamline your systems

Implement proven money-making strategies

Take your business to a level you never thought possible

Aspire is $499 per Month

A 12-month commitment is required to be able to gain the most out of the coaching and guidance that is offered.

Want to see how Aspire can change your business?

Reach out to or call 360-527-8904360-527-8904 to schedule a free consultation.