Real Estate Coaching Services by The Lones Group

A complete real estate business building system
unparalleled in the real estate industry

  • Have what it takes to have a successful business, but just can't seem to get the momentum you need?
  • Sport strong people skills, but when it comes time to get paperwork and projects done, do you come up short?
  • Held back by a lack of systems in your business - systems for generating consistent leads, taking care of your past clients and converting the leads in your pipeline?
  • Feel like you really could have it all if someone else could just handle the details?

Mastery is built to do this and much more!

"After more than two decades of experience in the real estate industry I've learned a thing or two about the challenges that real estate agents face. I know that every agent is unique and faces their own special set of challenges, Denise Lones their own strengths and their own individual business style. Every agent has the potential for greatness and The Lones Group has been helping real estate professionals achieve greatness for over a decade. We can transform you."

World Class Features

Business Assessments

Our business assessment tools will help us determine the biggest challenges in your business and where you need to begin. We'll zero in on exactly where your business strengths and struggles are so that you can get the most from your Mastery experience.

Personalized Planning

After you have finished your business assessments, our team of experts will create a prescription and suggest a personalized plan for which branding, business systems and skill coaching modules you need to build your business and achieve your goals.

Brand Development

Whether you choose our Instant Identity (semi-custom) or Signature (custom) branding process, we will build a brand for you that is memorable to your prospects and makes your phone ring!

Denise Lones, Real Estate Coach

Business Systems

Customized with your unique brand, we will build all the systems you need in your business: lead generation, client care, marketing, website, listing presentation materials and more, all chosen to fit your individual business needs.

Skill Coaching

Build-up your business skills through one-on-one coaching with a true industry business-building master, Denise Lones. Our industry know-how and online Club Zebra Vault full of skill-building resources can truly take your business to the next level.

When the year is complete, you will have developed a brand, a complete toolbox of branded systems, and received the personal coaching and training that can take your business to the next level.

What Our Clients Say

Sue Leonard

"What an awesome year driving my business to the next level working with the Lones Group. It all began with a level of energy, responsiveness and idea brainstorming that defined the path forward. This level of connection was maintained throughout the year as we worked through our business plan leveraging the Lones Group extensive toolset to produce a refined, professional business image and marketing content set that will take me forward for many years. Just, or perhaps more important, was the fantastic support provided by all members of the team which gave me the confidence and enthusiasm to 'reach for the sky'. I am grateful to the whole team but especially Denise, Shauna, Melanie and Mandy who I worked most closely with and were quite simply awesome."

Sandra Hines

"Denise has been my real estate business and personal coach since 2011. I can honestly say I don't know where my business would be without her. Her expert real estate knowledge combined with her genuine passion to make a difference in her clients lives, both professionally and personally, make her one of the leading and most sought after real estate coaches in the United States. Under her direction, I have been able to take my career to a new level of professionalism and have seen continued growth, even going through the difficult times a few years ago. I always want her on my side!"

Steve Laevastu

"I have been a Realtor for 27 years. In 2013 I hired the Lones Group to refresh my marketing materials and they did a SPECTACULAR job! I took Denise's class. This is a class that COACHES you on how to become a better more efficient agent. To get straight and to the point - Denise is AWESOME!!! She helped me function better and become a better agent.

"Denise has the best instincts of anybody that I have ever met in my life. It does not matter if you have been in the business for 2 months or 20 years - Denise Lones is the best coach in the world and she will help you become better, more efficient and succeed."

Tara Silicio

"Denise and the Lones Group have definitely been instrumental in building my brand, streamlining my business systems and my life to help it run smoother for me and my clients. She is an awesome mentor to have in this industry and I couldn't recommend her more highly! I trust her, she is reliable and consistent. I would always give her 5 stars for the highest rating! Thank you Denise and The Lones Group!"

Gary Williams

"We met in September of 2005 when I was new to the business and had just joined Windermere two weeks prior to the Symposium at the University of Washington. Here I was with a new profession in a new surroundings and I did not know a soul. Then I went to your Marketing seminar and everything clicked. I realized that the person on the stage, you, was showing me the path to take toward success.

"I immediately became one of your clients and I am so glad that I did. Denise, because of your marketing plan and program I sold just under $7,000,000 in my first year in the real estate business. Beginning 2007 I have 19 listings that total about $15,000,000. That is a strong beginning for anyone, but I owe all of this to you.

"The best thing that has ever happened to me is you, Denise, and, "The Difference Is Marketing."

June Griffiths

"I was in Denise's advanced coaching group for several years. Denise is a genius at developing new strategies for her real estate agent clients to stand out from their peers in the business. She developed my branding and showed me how to use it to make myself the best and most professional agent I could be. She is a master at encouraging her agents, building them up and giving them the tools to live up to the hype. Her support and encouragement made a huge difference in my business."

Don Nunamaker

"It is a privilege to recommend Denise Lones. Why? Because she gets results! Denise has worked with our company and agents since 2001. Working with Denise is more than a quick fix that wears off over time. She assists agents in setting standards that maximizes the agent's reaching their fullest potential. Her approach to time management with agents addresses their total life style. Priorities are recognized and she emphasizes building from strengths. When a total makeover is necessary, she goes to work.

"I recommend Denise Lones because of her credibility in being able to orchestrate a total and positive change in the company. She provides the brokerage office the tools to become and maintain market leadership.

"No other instructor or coach has given the value to our firm and agents. She has energized the individual agents to their highest potential. I have every confidence in recommending Denise."

Lynly Callaway

"The first few years I was in this business my marketing materials were completely random and not easily recognizable or consistent. I even tried working with a couple of graphic designers to at least establish a logo that I liked, and none of the ideas they came up with ever seemed to fit what I was looking for. The Lones Group took the time to really assess my personality, style, likes/dislikes, and it made all of the difference in the world. They nailed it, conceptually. Then we were able to work through the little details until I was completely satisfied.

"Now, people comment that they 'think of me,' whenever they see a vintage key or something in the Tiffany-blue color that I utilize in my branding. That's how I know the power of branding is working! I am very grateful to The Lones Group for helping me create a brand that I love, and that sets me apart from other agents."

Molly Ells

"My experience with Denise as my real estate coach has been awesome! Definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone! Many times thinking and voicing my concern and insecurities - are you sure Denise? Denise convinced me to leverage my time! I trust Denise totally. So I did. Denise gave me the confidence to push forward-to implement new marketing programs, systems, client care and follow thru, relationship building. And the referrals flowed in! The fun is just beginning! We are only getting started. Denise is a true visionary and marketing guru! It works! Amazing! Thanks Denise!"

Jan Selvar

"Just want you to know how much I appreciate you and thank you, so much, for all the wonderful things I've learned from you over these five years. I so often think of you and find myself saying 'what would Denise say?' I love your confident personality... I gain strength being around you. Seeing you yesterday reminded me, again, of what an impact you have made on my successes."

Lisa Sprague

"I can't say enough about Denise Lones. She is one of the most incredible people I know. She has done so much help me get back on track with my business and branding. Her company The Lones Group is AMAZING!!!"

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