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Blogging for Business

How will you put the power of Web 2.0 to work for you? Learn how to drive potential clients to your site and improve your online marketing skills through blogging.

Blogging Ideas for Real Estate Agents

Looking for blog topic inspiration? We've been saving up ideas for what to blog about and will share them with you right here. So take a look and get beyond that writer's block!

Business Boost Ep7: Wowing Potential Clients with Your Real Estate Website

A strong website is the cornerstone of your online presence, where people that you don’t know can verify and learn about your expertise and the services you provide. In this webinar we will cover: how to use your brand as a basis for a compelling website, the features that visitors love, and time saving website features for agents.

Club Call - August 2013 - Converting Internet Leads

Over the previous two months we have talked about why a website is an important lead generation channel, how to create great content and how to attract visitors and subscribers. This month we'll be taking those visitors and turning them into prospects. Denise has some great conversion facts for you, a step-by-step process for lead conversion and rules that you can build into your business today that will make a difference in how well you nurture your online leads.

Club Call - June 2013 - Blogging for Leads

This months's call is all about lead generation through blogging. Blogging can be a powerful component of your an lead generation strategy since it creates valuable local content, establishes you as an area expert, helps you develop a following and many other reasons. We'll cover some of those reasons in this call, so if you've been wondering, what does a blogging plan look like? How often should I blog? What on earth do I write about? Denise has the answers and this is the call for you.

DMCA, Safe Harbor, and Your Real Estate Website

January 1, 2018 important changes to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) will occur which affect real estate agents who show listings on their website. Learn what the DMCA is, how the Safe Harbor rules are changing, how it affects you and how you can protect yourself from liability at this important webinar.

Example DMCA Policy Text

For use on your real estate agent website.

Improving Your Local Search Profile

We'll be sharing some introductory information about how search engines identify you as a local business and how that impacts where you appear in search results. We'll also be taking a detailed look at the free Local Search tool available from Seattle based company, and how it can help guide you to a stronger local search presence.

Understanding IDX for Real Estate Agents

If you spend any time at all using some of the technology that is available to you as a real estate agent then you've probably come across IDX. Usually you hear about it in context with having listings at your website, but IDX services are much more than this. Learn what it is, when it matters to you, and how different kinds of IDX services can be leveraged to grow both your online presence and your business.

WordPress 4: Creating a Community Page

A community page - or neighborhood page - is a page on your website that introduces that community to your visitors. This is an excellent way to add depth to your website that both your visitors and search engines will appreciate. In this webinar we will show you how to create the community page, talk about what kind of content you might include on it, and show you how to add that page to your website's navigation. As a bonus, we'll also show you how to set your page up to show listings if your website is connected to IDX Broker's services.

WordPress 4: Getting Started with WordPress

In this webinar we'll tour the WordPress 4 dashboard, show you how to how to edit your website content, how to add video and pictures, and provide you with some beginning knowledge for using this incredibly powerful and easy-to-use website manager. Presented by Randy Bowers, Director of Technology at The Lones Group.

WordPress 4: How to Create Interactive Forms

In this webinar we'll be looking at how we can easily create interactive forms on a WordPress website. We'll create a Request a Home Valuation form that will email us our visitors' request as an example.

WordPress 4: How to Post by Email

Did you know that you can post to your WordPress website's blog by sending it an email? Yes, you can email your website and it will post what you sent to your blog. It's true! It's also really easy to do. You can even email a link to a video and your website will automatically embed it. Join us for this Mastery Forum where we'll show you how to turn this magic feature on and several live examples of how it works.

WordPress 4: Mastering the Media Library

WordPress is a great platform for having your website on because it comes with so many fantastic tools that make using your website very easy. One of these tools is the media library. We'll be touring the media library's features and you'll learn how easy it is to get your pictures, videos and other documents into WordPress. We'll then apply what we've learned by going through the steps of adding a picture, a video and a link to a document to our website. Presented by Randy Bowers, Director of Technology.

WordPress 4: Private Client Pages

Did you know that you can create password protected pages at your WordPress website? Join us for a short presentation showing you how you can put this powerful option to work and together we'll create a resource page for a fictional seller.

WordPress 5: Getting Started with WordPress

In this webinar we will tour the WordPress 5 dashboard, show you how to how to edit your website content, how to add video and pictures, and provide you with some beginning knowledge for using this incredibly powerful and easy-to-use website manager. Presented by Randy Bowers, Director of Technology at The Lones Group.

WordPress 5: Real Estate Website Contact Forms

In this webinar we'll be showing you how to create contact forms for customer care and lead generation purposes, using the new WordPress 5 editor. Along the way we'll be sharing best practices for how to get the most out of your real estate website's forms.

WordPress: Security with the WordFence Plugin

We get a lot of questions about website security and messages that are sent out from the WordFence plugin. In this short webinar you will learn more about how this plugin protects your website, how you can make it more - or less - hands free, and understand what it tells you about your website. We also provide a short review of how to update your website manually at the beginning of this presentation.

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