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Through-out each month our Club Zebra PRO members receive new content created by The Lones Group. New articles for clients are posted on the 15th of each month, additional content is posted through-out the month. This content, indicated by the icon, is for you to use with your clients. You do not need to attribute Denise Lones or The Lones Group when using it. However, the following rules must be observed:

  • You can only distribute client content to a specific database of clients and prospects. For example, a list of client email addresses or to your monthly paper mailer list.
  • Client content may not be published in your name by a third party without prior written permission of The Lones Group.
  • Client content may not be made available for general release in any website without prior written permission of The Lones Group.
  • Blog Content is a special exception to some of these rules, you may post this content on your blog and it does not need to be given to a specific distribution list.

Thank you for following the above rules. We hope you enjoy the content!

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February 2020

Analyzing the Cost Gap Between Renting and Buying

Arguments are frequently made about whether buying or renting makes more financial sense. This article looks at national figures from both, and you should add your own local twist if possible.

Identifying and Removing Barriers for Selling Your Home

Sometimes sellers sabotage their listing - and they don't even know they have done it. Warn them of the dangers and how to avoid these behaviors!

Tips for Buying a Home in a Low Inventory Market

If your market is experiencing low inventory, this article can help get your buyers ready. You may want to use this as not only an article to send to your clients, but also as content for your buyer materials.

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