Investing Your Money

For most agents, investment opportunities in land, rentals and other modes are more visible. Learn how to tell what is a good opportunity and how to recognize the red flags of a dangerous investment.

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Appreciation Worksheet

This is the most accurate way to calculate appreciation in an area but finding individual appreciation rates can be a pain! However, take some of the pain of calculation out of the equation with this worksheet. One thing to note - if you are figuring appreciation over a period of time, try to look at solds that have sold recently to get the most accurate recent number.

Five Ways to Put the Future Value Calculator to Work for You

You might have heard about the Future Value Calculator, but have you thought about how you can use it in your business with clients? From working with on-the-fence buyers to running move-up buyer scenarios, the Future Value Calculator can become the go-to tool in your real estate toolbox. Join Shauna Naf, Calculator Creator as she shares her ideas and know-how with you.

For Investors - Timing is Everything

This article will help you discuss the importance of timing when buying or selling, and will illustrate how supply and demand works in a real estate market.

Future Value Calculator

Get the picture of how your assets will stack up 5, 10, 20, even 30 years from now! With the Future Value Calculator, see how your mortgage balance, assets, (even assets that you are adding to each month) changes over time and how some planning now can result in big payoffs later.

NOTE: This worksheet is for illustrative purposes only and should not be used to predict future earnings or advise the user that such earnings are imminent. This tool is not meant to replace a financial planner. Mortgage amortization is for estimation purposes only and may not be reflective of user's actual mortgage or payback. The Lones Group is not responsible for decisions or assumptions made based on this document.

How to Become a Smart Rental Owner

You are a real estate agent. You work with property every day and now you're thinking, "Maybe I could use my real estate knowledge to manage a rental for extra income." Being an agent definitely has its advantages, but before you take the plunge to become a landlord there are things you must learn. Join Denise Lones as she shares what it takes to operate a residential rental: management, accounting, pre-screening and how to reduce your risks of costly pitfalls or getting sued.

Introduction to Tax Liens as an Investment Strategy

This introduction to tax liens is designed to provide you with an overview of the process so that you can determine if this is an investment strategy that you want to learn more about. Join Denise as she covers lien basics, tax lien certificates and deeds, as well as the municipal process for tax liens. She will also share tips for how to separate good tax lien opportunities from bad ones.

Investment Cash Flow Worksheet

Project not only rise in rent over time, but also expenses and also show change in equity with this handy worksheet!
**Added Cap Rate and Gross Rent Multiplier Feature 6/3/15

"Love this worksheet, used it already...Very easy to use and understand.
Thank you Shauna!"
-Aranka Fruehauf

Renovations: 10 Common Costly Mistakes, Part 1

Inevitably you will have clients who are thinking about renovating before selling or renovating after buying. Join Denise for a tour of terrible choices that your clients should avoid at all costs. Knowing where things can go wrong in renovations can save you and your clients a lot of money and headache!

Renovations: 10 Common Costly Mistakes, Part 2

Whether you are considering a remodel for your own home or advising a buyer or seller, don't miss Denise's follow-up webinar with 10 more common mistakes. Be the hero whose planning and advice helps save both money and time with great renovation wisdom from experienced home-remodeling expert Denise Lones.

Your Investment Personality

In this Mastery Forum episode we'll be talking about investment personalities, how to identify your investment persona and how that defines what kinds of investments you will be comfortable with - specifically, different kinds of property investments! We'll be looking at residential rentals, multi-family rentals, vacation rentals, residential renovations and residential flipping.

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