Listing Management

Every listing has its challenges, from winning listing presentations to home pricing discussions. We've got all your bases covered when it comes to success with your next listing.

Price Reduction Letter

While we recommend that the possibility of price reductions be a part of your initial conversations once you have a listing contract, we know that many agents procrastinate about this. We also realize that many agents bend to seller pressures and list homes with a bias towards the sellers desire rather than pricing based on their professional expertise. However, when the time comes that you know a price reduction is necessary, you will need to take action. If calling the client isn't appropriate, then we hope that you'll find this sample price reduction letter to be a helpful guide.

If you use this letter, don't forget to update it with your own information!

Listing Walk-Through Checklist

It's time to do your first walk-through of a new listing - do you know what you are looking for? Make sure you get all the details right the first time and use our Listing Walk-Through Checklist! You'll have all the details you need, ready and at your fingertips when you start marketing the property.

Listing Presentation Agenda

Meetings are always more successful with an agenda! No matter how well you may already know the seller, be sure to show up with an agenda for the meeting.

Listing Cancellation Letter

Not sure how to end the relationship in writing after you've spoken with your clients? After you have received the documents to release the listing, send a letter thanking them for the opportunity to work together.

New Listing Checklist

This editable Word Document is a great starter for creating your own new listing checklist. Consider the extra steps you take, eliminate the ones you don't need, and you will always have a system to follow for new listings.

Business Boost Ep1: Rethinking Your Listing Presentation

As presented by Denise Lones, you will learn how your listing presentation has to evolve to work with today's seller, how to explain your expertise and experience, and how to showcase your listing system in a way that leaves sellers wanting more.

Top Pricing Mistakes Made By Real Estate Agents

Pricing is one of the most challenging and intimidating tasks in the life of a real estate agent, but we all have to face it. The biggest challenge is that part of the listing presentation is based on pricing the home. This sets up either a win-win situation or a lose-lose situation depending on how you handle this very important topic.

Secrets to Great Listing Presentations

Expert tips for listing presentation success in all situations.

Does Your Listing Presentation Need Help?

The listing presentation is the crucial key to your life as a real estate agent. It's that one moment where you truly need to shine. But most agents treat the listing presentation as, "just another task." The reality is that today's sellers are expecting more. They want props. They need "show and tell." They want to know EXACTLY what you're going to do and when you're going to do it.

How To Survive and Thrive in a Highly Competitive Market

The real estate market is more competitive than ever before. There are many changes and keeping up with all of them can be exhausting. The most dramatic changes have to do with the consumer, they have changed their real estate tune and we better start listening.

Marketing and More

In part three of our focus series on Working with Sellers Denise covers CMAs and the marketing discussion at the listing presentation. You need more than just a CMA, follow along as Denise talks about what that looks like. Then Denise dives into online marketing, its components and how to showcase that during your presentation.

It Really Is All About Price

For years, I've talked about the power of pricing properties correctly. As a real estate agent, you can have everything else in place - great marketing materials, a powerful network of contacts, and listings galore. But if you don't use the power of corrective pricing, then you're in a fancy rowboat without a paddle.

Striking the Right Listing Presentation Balance

Are you overwhelming or underwhelming your prospective sellers?

How to Create a Seller Package

Never underestimate the power of presentations. When you are out there competing for a listing you need a competitive edge. Most Real Estate agents rely on generic presentation materials rather than customizing their own. Learn the most important things your potential clients want you to show them and tell them. You need to have a package that clearly presents the advantages of working with you! A Sellers Package should pre-sell you before you ever walk in the door.

When to Walk Away

The fourth and final video of our focus series on Working with Sellers. When do you walk away from a listing? It doesn't sound positive, but sometimes agents find themselves in a position where the seller's uncompromising requirements are preventing a home from selling. When that happens, what do you do? Denise has the answer.

Assessed Value Analysis

Pricing a home can be difficult. We recommend arriving at a price range a few different ways. Sellers are already looking online and getting confused by the myriad of prices they see for their own property and CMAs they receive from other agents. In order to be different and to have sellers have confidence in your pricing, you need to have more proof than other agents. The Assessed Value Analysis is a great way to look at price a little differently and to gain that confidence.

The First Meeting - Have an Agenda!

Second in our four part focus series on Working with Sellers. This week we continue looking at the listing presentation and how including an agenda can help guide, open the discussion, and lead you directly to what is most important to the seller.

Pre-Qualifying Your Sellers

Many agents are familiar with the concept of qualifying home buyers before taking them out on their first home tour, but few agents apply the same philosophy to the listing side of the transaction. In this follow-up call to our sold-out Get the Listing! seminar, Denise addresses why you should consider adding this to your tool kit, when to do it, how to avoid mistakes that agents make when qualifying their listings, and how this practice can not just save you time, but give you valuable insights that can help you through the entire transaction.