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Club Call - September 2018 - Your Command Center (sample)

A sample from our call on creating a great office space.

Club Call - September 2018 - Your Command Center

How to create an inspiring, effective office space.

Timing Your Sale

When should your seller sell? Interesting thoughts about trying to time the market.

Buyer Psychology 101

Why do buyers choose the homes they do? Tune into buyer psychology!

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September's Client Mailer Content has Arrived

September's Client Mailer Content has Arrived

Sep 17, 2018

Yes, Club Zebra Pro members, September's content is here. As summer winds up we bring you new content for you to use in your client mailers that is fully written and ready for you to send out, without any attribution to The Lones Group! As always, both long and short form versions are available in case you are using a letter or postcard format. This September we have content for prospective sellers on timing their entry into the market. For your buyers we have an article on how buyers choose their homes. To round things out we have a third article that takes the mystery out of creating a home buying budget. Get your content here.

Safari Returns: Bothell Oct 22-23 / Bellevue Nov 5-6

Safari Returns: Bothell Oct 22-23 / Bellevue Nov 5-6

Aug 15, 2018

This fall we invite you to come on a real estate Safari, with two dates to choose from! Safari is our premier real estate agent coaching event, led by nationally recognized coach, Denise Lones. If you have not come on Safari yet this year, here's a chance to experience our new format: Total Transformation: Proven Systems - A Customized Approach.


Early bird registration for both days is just $19. Early bird pricing ends September 21st. Fifteen Washington State continuing education credits are also available.

Safari is one of our favorite things that we do. We've hosted over 40 Safari events in the past 15 years. Every time we see agents transformed, energized with new ideas and more confident going out than when they came in. Every time!

This is an interactive event, not stuck-in-your-seat education. This Safari we will be covering building a referral based business without cheesy gimmicks, overcoming client and prospect objections, connecting with different client personalities, how to win presentations and building on your unique strengths. Prepare your business for the market challenges ahead with Denise Lones! See you there!

Revolutionize Your Business With Systems - June 25 in Bothell, WA

Revolutionize Your Business With Systems - June 25 in Bothell, WA

May 14, 2018

Tired of reinventing the wheel all the time? Wish that you had the tools to compete and walk into a listing presentation with confidence? Feel like you are falling behind your competitors when it comes to lead generation? Are you not getting the past client referrals that you should?

Once you have your systems in order - your one-time, ongoing, and event-driven tasks - you can stop looking over your shoulder and feeling like you aren't doing all you should be doing. You can actually relax when you have a lull in your business because you know that another transaction will come up because you have done what you need to do to secure that future business. You can stop wasting time preparing for listing presentations that you aren't winning because you will finally have the tools to "WOW!"

Join Denise Lones as she helps to simplify your business - and your life! You should not miss this dynamic one-day event!

June 25th, 9:00am to 3:30pm, Bothell, WA at the Bothell Hilton Garden Inn. Includes lunch and beverage service. Free event wi-fi available. Cost $39 or $89 with 5 Washington State approved continuing education credits. Register online or by calling 360-527-8904.

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