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Club Call - July 2018 - Your Listing is Next to What?! (sample)

Sample of our call about dealing with listings with challenging neighbors.

Club Call - July 2018 - Your Listing is Next to What?!

Solutions for listings with challenging neighbors and neighborhoods.

Top-Notch Negotiation Skills

What does it take to be a top-notch negotiator?

Rethinking Your Needs List

Buyers create wants and needs list when they shop for a home. How can they check off more boxes?

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Revolutionize Your Business With Systems - June 25 in Bothell, WA

Revolutionize Your Business With Systems - June 25 in Bothell, WA

May 14, 2018

Tired of reinventing the wheel all the time? Wish that you had the tools to compete and walk into a listing presentation with confidence? Feel like you are falling behind your competitors when it comes to lead generation? Are you not getting the past client referrals that you should?

Once you have your systems in order - your one-time, ongoing, and event-driven tasks - you can stop looking over your shoulder and feeling like you aren't doing all you should be doing. You can actually relax when you have a lull in your business because you know that another transaction will come up because you have done what you need to do to secure that future business. You can stop wasting time preparing for listing presentations that you aren't winning because you will finally have the tools to "WOW!"

Join Denise Lones as she helps to simplify your business - and your life! You should not miss this dynamic one-day event!

June 25th, 9:00am to 3:30pm, Bothell, WA at the Bothell Hilton Garden Inn. Includes lunch and beverage service. Free event wi-fi available. Cost $39 or $89 with 5 Washington State approved continuing education credits. Register online or by calling 360-527-8904.

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Free Webinar: Working New Construction

Free Webinar: Working New Construction

Apr 9, 2018

Business Boost webinars are free and open to the public. Each focuses on solutions to challenges faced by real estate agents and brokers in a one-hour format. Join us Thursday, April 26 at 9am Pacific for our 6th episode.

As new construction responds to inventory shortages, builders will need agents to represent their product in the coming years. Whether on-site-sales or representing a small builder, Denise will show you how to make business connections, wow your builder, and connect with buyers. We will show you examples of information you can use to impress builders, how to position yourself as a new construction expert, what kinds of materials potential buyers need, and a follow-up system to keep everyone engaged with your goals and the product you represent.

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A New Look for Club Zebra

A New Look for Club Zebra

Apr 3, 2018

Today we are taking the curtains off our freshly updated Club Zebra website. We hope you enjoy the new format and have quite a few new features and improvements coming over these next months too.

Big changes have happened in our navigation area. We've updated the Client Content section so that Pro members can see at a glance the latest mailer content that is available. All of your account features now rest in one convenient tab. From there you can now directly access our online tools, like the Potential Income Tracker, online evaluations and classrooms. We've also added a toolbar so you can use to search from any page of the website and quickly connect to the most popular sections that our visitors use.

Behind the scenes some important changes have taken place, the biggest of which is adding mobile and touch support through-out Club Zebra. With the exception of some classrooms and online tools, we've updated everything to work on your favorite smart phone or tablet. Don't worry, classrooms and tools are on our list too. We've also updated our video player so it now works on pretty much any device. We hope you also like the larger pictures and fonts chosen to reduce eye-fatigue.

What's next for Club Zebra? We have a new search engine in the works, new quick-search icons that let you quickly find similar types of media, a help area, a new audio player, custom categories of your own creation, and more. Have a suggestion or comment? Send them to

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